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    請問有看過Miles To Go的各位你們對這本書的評價如何,值得買嗎?裡面有圖片嗎,還是都是密密麻麻的字?因為我很喜歡她,也有點想買這本書不過價錢可不小,所以我想要聽聽各位的意見!
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    stop without a farmhouse nearBetween the woods and frozen lakeThe darkest evening of the year.He gives his harness bells a shakeTo ask if there is some mistake.The only other sound’s the sweepOf easy wind and downy flake.The woods are lovely, dark and deep,But I have promises to keep,And miles to go before I sleep,And miles
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    And miles to go before I sleep, 還要趕多少路才安眠 And miles to go before I sleep 還要趕多少路才安眠 單字解釋 Ø Queer ( adj. )奇怪的,不平常的 in queer street 表示負債、在困難中 Ø Harness ( n. )馬具,挽具